Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Update, Mostly about Food

I have been struggling for the past couple of weeks on what to blog about. I'll start by saying that I am roughly 50lbs lighter than I was when I started this journey in November, and am at a weight that I haven't been in around two years.

The journey so far hasn't been easy, but I won't say that it has been overly difficult as well. My main complaints are closely related to why I had the surgery in the first place; Food.

I will say that I do not feel overly restricted in my food choices. I am able to eat teeny tiny portions of almost any food, which is great, but I am craving foods that got me instance, I have a really bad craving for a Five Guys burger with everything on it and an order of fries, a meal that leaks grease through the bag. I also can't look at a chinese buffet without a weird sense of longing for a plateful of sodium filled foods.

It isn't all bad. I am pleased with the foods I am eating, and my ever supportive husband has helped me come up with new ways to eat out. A burrito bowl to share at Chipolte is a great one. Another is a stir fry bowl at BD's Mongolian BBQ is a great source of protein, and is good for about three meals. I have alo read that other sleevers have had great success with sushi. In all honesty, most restaurants have something on the menu that I can eat, and if I don't share it, I have a lunch for a few days after. It's trial and error, but there is no reason why I can't enjoy a night out with friends.

I am currently working on my first big post surgery grocery list but between the food porn I see on Pinterest, and the ideas I get from the culinary genius at eggface, I don't think I'll have a problem

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